eVOLV offers group classes in boxing, kickboxing and pro wrestling.  Class levels range from beginner through advanced and students are encouraged to cross-train in any style.



Boxing is a great way to stay in shape and an excellent stress reliever!

Classes at eVOLV are technique-focused so no matter where your fitness journey takes you, you will always retain the knowledge you gain during training.

Power, Agility and Stamina will be trained along with proper punching techniques and footwork drills.  Students will train as fighters, however sparring is always optional and many students choose to learn boxing simply to stay in shape and have fun.

Training Session


Time to develop those kicks!

Coaches at eVOLV come from many different backgrounds including Muay Thai and MMA styles of fighting.  Students will train in all styles of kickboxing depending on the instructor.

Classes are kept small to encourage as much one-on-one coaching time as possible with every student.

Wrestling Ring
Pro Wrestling


Spandex and Lucha Libre masks optional!

Fans of Pro Wrestling come to learn how to safely begin the journey to becoming a champion. This is NOT your normal gym class! Experience is not required and students of all body types and backgrounds are encouraged to join!


Becoming a Pro Wrestler takes practice, discipline and respect for the safety of yourself and your opponent. These principles are taught by experienced coaches and real performing Pro Wrestlers right here in Seattle who are enthusiastic about sharing what they love.