Level 0 - Orientation - Start Here!

New to Kickboxing?  This small group seminar is for you!

Newbie Orientation is a 2 hour class held every other Sunday at 11 AM!


Whether you are looking for a new, fun way to get in shape or you are interested in fighting competitively one day, Evolv's comprehensive fundamentals class will teach you the basics so you can start your journey into the world of boxing and fitness!

This 2 hour instruction will cover everything from hand wrapping to basic punches, kicks and footwork.   Classes are small, usually 2-5 participants and there is plenty of time for questions and practice.   You will feel 100% prepared and confident to jump into any of the beginner or All Levels classes here at Evolv!

Class Fee - $50, includes hand wraps

Level 1 - Beginner's

This kickboxing class is for beginners and those just entering the sport.  You're going to learn the basics and get in a**kicking shape. Being able to safely train is key and this class emphasis is on how to safely translate your power into technique so you'll be able to practice without damaging your body. Did we mention the workout? We're going to get you up to speed in this class!  

Your first 1-Hour Beginner's Class is complementary!

Note: All boxing and kickboxing classes at eVOLV require hand wraps.  Don't know how to wrap your hands yet?  No problem!  Just show up about 20 minutes early to class and we'll give you a lesson.

Another Note: Beginner's Class does not include sparring. Nobody is going to punch you unless you ask nicely.

More Questions?  Please read our FAQ!

Levels 1 & 2 - All Levels 

This faster-paced skill-building kick boxing workout will focus on proper punching and footwork technique.  Your fitness and knowledge of the basics will be put to the test. Blow off the steam from the week and get into fighting shape! 

Beginner-Level students are allowed in our All-Levels classes however Level 0 First Time students should please attend either the Orientation class or a few Beginner's classes before coming to All-Levels classes.  Not sure?  Ask one of the coaches!

More Questions?  Please read our FAQ!

Level 2 - Intermediate

This class is for those who have a coach's approval to move on from the basics!  You will get stronger, hit harder, and push the next level of your training here.


This class has a bigger emphasis on technique, power, movement, defense, and pad work. Classes may included simulated sparring and defensive drills.


Together you and your instructor will identify weaknesses and perfect the skills you already have.

Your coach may require you to have a mouth guard.

Level 3 - Sparring

This is where your skills are tested in a controlled and safe environment that is guided by our instructors and coaches.


You will be paired against somebody of similar skill level and begin slowly as you take the big step into our full size ring. Make friends within your classes and bring them here to take your training to the next level. No, you won't leave injured. No, nobody is going to beat you up. Yes, you'll be able to go to work the next day. Yes, you will leave completely exhausted. Yes, it's super fun to punch your friends. 

What are you waiting for?  Get back to training!


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All Other Hours are Members Only or by Appointment.


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eVOLV does not own a parking lot.  Nearby street parking and private lots are available.  Students are encouraged to utilize public transportation.

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