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Frequently Asked Questions From Visitors!

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Q: It's my first time at Evolv, What do I do?

A: Sign up Online then make sure to arrive 20 minutes early on your first day for hand wraps, paperwork, and waivers. Make sure to be early, if you're late to class you won't be allowed to attend and will need to come back at a later time.  If you are driving, please remember that traffic and parking in our area is a challenge and plan accordingly!

Q: Are hand wraps really required? 

A: For Boxing and Kickboxing, hand wraps are required and can be purchased at the front desk for $10 in a variety of colors.

If you do not know how to wrap your hands, arrive about 20 minutes early for a quick lesson. If you arrive 5 minutes before class we can wrap your hands for you but won't have enough time for a full lesson. 

Q: Do I need gloves or shin guards? 

A: Nope. Evolv has loaner equipment that will get you started but we highly recommend buying your own equipment if you attend class more than once a week.

Q: What kind of experience is required? 

A: Evolv has beginner specific classes as well as intermediate and all levels classes that separate skill levels. If you're not sure which class to attend, speak with an instructor or complete a contact form for a recommendation. For first-time Boxers and Kickboxers we recommend the 2-hour orientations that are priced separately, they will kick-start you into class with semi personal training and instruction and will make following classes less intimidating. 


Q: What do I bring?

A: Comfortable athletic attire and a water bottle.


For Pro Wrestling classes knee pads are highly recommended. 

For Sparing classes mouth guard is required for personal protection.  It is highly recommended you eventually get your own groin and head protection as well.​

Q: Do you have guest passes? 

A: We do not but your friend's first class is always free if they would like to come give us a try!

Q: Do you do drop-ins for open gym?

A: Sorry, no.  Open  gym time is for members only, however you can purchase an open-gym only membership for $50/month.

Q: Where do I keep my stuff? 

A: Evolv has temporary lockers available if you bring your own lock. Also have the ability to rent lockers for $5 / Month to members. Abandoned Locker content is emptied into lost and found.  

Q: Do you have parking? 

A: We do not have designated parking, you should arrive early to ensure you find a parking spot in the area. Parking in the rear lot without paying through the posted app will get you towed as the lot doesn't belong to Evolv. 

Q: Can memberships be paused? 

A: Requests for temporary membership holds can be submitted to  Please be sure to include a start and end date for the requested pause.   Contract commitment memberships cannot be indefinitely paused.  Requests for periods longer than 30 days will be considered on an individual basis and may require doctors note or travel receipts in rare cases. Please give us at least a 7-day advanced notice if possible!

Q: How do I terminate my membership?

A: Termination requests must be submitted through the above form or by email. Please be advised before purchasing, we do not refund memberships or cancel commitment packages for any reason.

Q: How do I get a massage from Sports Action Massage?

A: Click here for website and booking info. Make sure to mention you are an Evolv Fitness member! 

Q: Lost and Found...

A: If you think you left something, please come by and look around for it!  Our lost and found box is located next to the front door and is emptied every couple months.  For liability purposes, we cannot hold your stuff in our office.

Q: Do you book private events?

A: We do book private events but the schedule is very competitive. Complete the contact form with your request and we will see what we can do. 

Q: Do you have an event calendar?

A: will have our weekend event schedule!