Seattle - It is with a heavy heart that we must announce that EVOLV will be permanently closing on August 30.  All membership payments after 7/25 have been cancelled, with most recent payments to be extended through 8/30 so we can all have one last month together.

On March 16th, business owners everywhere were told to sacrifice for “the greater good” however, landlords were not asked to do the same and ours hasn’t felt inclined to share the burden of misfortune.  It doesn’t make sense to continue running up a tab of debt for an old building that, in a year or two from now, may not be there at all.

EVOLV has been able to survive thus far due to the generosities of our members and community.  Thanks to those individuals, if the restrictions were to be lifted tomorrow, we would probably be able to pay back the debt we’ve amounted thus far and rebuild… but I think we all realize that the lockdowns aren't going away any time soon.  We cannot in good conscious continue to ask for support when we have no idea how long restrictions will last.

Furthermore, EVOLV was created as a place for people to come together…and many people don’t really want to do that right now.  Sometimes you have to let something die in order for it to properly rise and be reborn.  One day, people will once again be ready to come together to make new friends, and learn how to fight and wrestle those new friends.  We’ll stand shoulder to shoulder, crowded around the ring drinking cheap beers, blasting music and cheering louder than ever before.  Perhaps EVOLV 2.0 will be emerge when the time is right.


THANK YOU to each and every person who has been a part of the EVOLV community for the past 6 years:

  • The ridiculously talented and good-looking coaches

  • The boxing and kickboxing students and fighters

  • The Pro Wrestling students and entertainers

  • The show crews: staging, security, sound, EMT etc

  • The amazing hospitality and front desk team, including the Sat/Sun 7AM hangover crews

  • The resident massage therapist with the magic hands

  • The maniac electrician and talented building maintenance folks

  • The Luchadors and other visiting performers

  • Fellow gym owners and coaches who trusted us to provide a safe neutral ground

  • The most beautiful fantastic bartenders in Seattle

  • The Victory Lounge bartenders, who helped inebriate our entire staff

  • ALL the gym dogs

  • And finally, each and every big kid disguised as an adult that came to our shows to yell, scream and slam down jello shots and Rainiers like tomorrow would never come


Please email any questions to evolvseattle@gmail.com

Please do not message us asking to buy our stuff.  Most of the interesting stuff is going into storage.

Please do stop by one last time, take some selfies, record a tribute and leave a mark on the walls.

Please do post your best stories, memories, photos and vids on our social media pages.


EVOLV needs to die, for now, but we will always have the memories we’ve made together. 


Ori, Alex, Brandon, Steve, Tucker and the rest of the EVOLV Family


Seattle, EVOLV was my gift to you, and I truly hope that it created some of the best days of your life. --Lauryn

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